the art of being a princess; a self-help guide : part 1 :

August 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

A proper lady. A duchess, A damsel (but never in distress). A gentlewoman. Let me indulge you in the basics.

The romanticized theory of being of honor to the world and to the temple of your body is sheer milky and saccharine. I think that all young lady’s should have a sense of entitlement to what they do with their body or how they spend their time, and it should be conventional in all senses of the matter. Is it bad to romanticize these things, or is it an inherent effect of person-hood? I may think so, and the idea of being a “princess”  shouldn’t be child-like nor should be boasted, it’s a lifestyle. All young lady’s, although may come from different backgrounds or have different views, all share a core set of values which intertwine them all together as if it were a vine of virtues. I’m fond of that saying. Vine of virtues, because, really, all humans are inevitably alike.

First and for most, all princesses are dignified. This is the main characteristic of a princess, and all other traits branching from this one must encompass it, I think, because what’s more worthy than a girl who knows she can prosper?

When a princess walks, her posture is well-formed & svelte and her chin is held high, not ostentatiously, but opulently with the rich touch of velvet. Her gait is not much different from a person premiering on a runway after winning American’s Next Top Model; elegant and sophisticated. A young princess will not let just anyone touch her and she respects her body. She respects her body enough to know that “boys will be boys” and boys will whisper sweet-nothings so you can stay the night. Your mother has raised you better than that.

A princess is an individual, even though she may appreciate others and the fact that they are unique in their own way. A princess who is self-conscious because she feels much different from others knows that this is something to value and should bathe in this realization. A princess shouldn’t depend on the attention from others for proper nutrients though they can feed on it. In addition, any emotions that pry to spill from her mouth are hers only, and shouldn’t be used as a performance piece.

One of the most vital parts of being an actual princess is being well-educated. She should always be vigilant about the world around her and want to expand her knowledge profoundly. Being polymathic should be a lifetime goal. If she is cursed ignorant in any field, she should be of the greatest docility to learn about it. A princess doesn’t suffer from naivety or innocence, she is well-versed enough in the world to partake in it.

A princess is strong and righteous. She is a child of God and reads her christian bible religiously. She cannot succumb to negativity because of her knowledge or wallow in self-pity and think she don’t have any power to change things. She has the world and she is the world. When she looks at the sky, she knows it is for her. When she walks on the paved floor, the ground under it, and the ball of fire underneath the ground, all those things are for her. She must remember this when she wakes up and thinks she has nothing. After all, a princess is imbued with power for being a princess. She’s willing to change things and to carry on and empathize with others without destroying herself. How hard it is to do that, but how worth it.

A princess is beautiful. She is a work of art and one day she will be lay on the bed and kissed for her hard work. A princess educates herself not only in facts, but in emotions, in poetry, in stories, to counterbalance harshness with incites pessimism with sweetness, luxury that incites craving and hedonism to stay alive and for further experiences.A princess deserves the very best, to be pampered, to be admired, and she knows this.



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