arbitrary word of the day 8-4-14

August 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

  • nebulous ˈ/nebyələs/ – in the form of a cloud or haze; hazy; (of a concept or idea) unclear, vague, or ill-defined.

Something that’s nebulous is clouded or hazy. When you walk through the woods on a foggy morning, the trees may all have a mysterious, nebulous look to them. When you fly in a plane on an overcast day, the land below you looks nebulous and indistinct. You can also use nebulous in a more figurative way, to describe vague ideas or fuzzy concepts.Nebulous comes from the Latin nebulosus, “cloudy, misty, or foggy.” Its root is nebula, which is “vapor or fog” in Latin and was adopted by astronomers in the 1700s to mean “a cloud of gas and dust in outer space.”

My example sentence: The nebulous din of the restaurant proved it arduous to sustain a conversation with the poor fellow sitting opposite me.

synonyms: vague, amorphous, ambiguous



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